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  • How do I start with Iveary ?
    Experience our latest collection of dresses every season by visiting us at major bridal expos held across the United States. Get up close and personal with our stunning designs and feel the quality firsthand. Explore our styles through a convenient virtual appointment, where you can browse our collection online. Afterward, you can request a 2-WEEK FREE trunk show to experience the dresses in person and get a true sense of our dresses.
  • What is the TRUNK SHOW process?
    1. Before we proceed with a trunk show, we would like to share our new season collection's price sheet with you when we receive your online TRUNK SHOW REQUST. To initiate a line from our collection, we require a minimum of 8 styles. Furthermore, to secure exclusive label protection within your area, we request a minimum of 8 styles per label. With your acknowledgment and acceptance, we can move to the next step. 2. You can explore 24 styles by clicking on 'STAR DRESSES' to view our trunk show dresses. After a 2-week trunk show, you have the option to either open an account by purchasing 8 or more dresses or retain the entire set of 24 samples in your store with a substantial discount, subject to our approval. If, for any reason, the collection doesn't align with your preferences, you can simply ship all the dresses to the next store at your own shipping expense. There's absolutely no obligation to make a purchase during the trunk show. 3. We will send you the Trunk Show dress price list, the Trunk Show Agreement, and the credit card authorization once you confirm the time slot. With your signature on both the Agreement and credit card authorization, we will officially confirm this trunk show and send you the dresses as scheduled at IVEARY'S shipping cost. 4. While we don't provide a specific retail price suggestion list, we do have a strict MSRP range that stores are required to follow.
  • Territory coverage for Iveary Labels & for Private Labels
    The territory coverage area typically extends within a two-hour driving radius of most cities in the United States. However, this range may vary for cities with high population density, and this needs to be verified with Iveary. Coverage for Iveary labels necessitates a minimum annual purchase of 8 pieces, while coverage for private labels operates on a per-dress basis.
  • What is the annual purchase amount?
    1. We require a minimum purchase of one season per year, including at least 8 styles. 2. To maintain your exclusivity for the label, it will still be necessary to purchase at least 8 styles per label once a year.
  • What is the MSRP?
    We will provide all price information once a store submits an inquiry to request the PRICE LIST.
  • When would we expect the opening collection?
    We will launch two new season collections per year, following the typical schedule of US brands: on March 1st and August 1st.
  • Which shipping company do you use?
    We typically use DHL, FEDEX and UPS for our shipping services.
  • How do I place a bride's order?
    You can easily access our order system to place an order and find your order list, order status, and invoices digitally in one place. Additionally, the Iveary customer service team responds to inquiries within 48 hours to assist with any problems you may encounter.
  • What are the typical turnaround times after placing an order?
    Our standard production time is 16 weeks, but we also offer expedited services that can deliver in as early as 8 weeks.
  • Is the shipping fee included in the cost of any dress order?
    Yes, as an active retailer, the shipping fee is always included in the wholesale price we release. Additionally, even if you choose not to purchase the new collection from Iveary in the second year, we can still work with retailers for any bridal orders with a $35 per dress shipping fee if the orders are fewer than 3 dresses per month.
  • What payment methods are you accepting?
    Credit Cards: We accept major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Debit Cards: You can use your debit card if it is affiliated with a major payment network like Visa or MasterCard. Zelle: We offer the option to make payments using zelle/quick pay. Bank Transfers: You can choose to make a bank transfer directly to our bank account. Please contact our customer support for bank details.
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