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Fashion Dress Illustrations

Terms & Policies

Customer Care

At our bridal fashion group, we have a dedicated team of area sales representatives and a production follow-up team who are ready to address all your questions and concerns. In addition, we offer a user-friendly custom system that provides easy access to the latest seasonal styles for you to choose from, place orders, track production status, and receive assistance with any issues that may arise. Our team and system are meticulously designed with expertise and knowledge to ensure a seamless and stress-free ordering journey for you.

Exclusive Guard

We prioritize the exclusivity of our store clients by ensuring that no other stores within a two-hour drive distance carry our dresses. This guarantees that your store stands out and offers unique collections to your customers. Additionally, we conduct annual online checks to prevent any unauthorized selling through online platforms, safeguarding the integrity of our business rules.

At Iveary Bridal, we go the extra mile to support your success. We actively promote your store through advertisements across various social platforms, helping increase your store's visibility and attracting more traffic. We understand that your success directly impacts our own, and we are committed to providing the necessary exposure and support to drive your business forward.

Seasonal Chic

Our Exclusive Renewal Program ensures that our stores maintain their exclusivity in the protected area by requiring a minimum of 8 dresses purchase per year. With each new season, we offer exciting promotional opportunities designed to make both our existing and new clients feel at ease when making their purchases. Don't forget to consult with our dedicated team to discover the best deals available for purchasing new samples.

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